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"For Education and Fun, there’s no better place to visit than Fort Evergreen!"

With many years of experience, we aim to make everything run smoothly – from your initial booking enquiry to rounding the children back into each bus at the end of the day. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our team and led to your designated picnic area. 

Many children will be seeing, smelling and hearing animals for the first time – an experience we all want them to have in a safe and secure environment.

Children can see farm animals such as sheep, goats, chickens, ducklings, alapacas, calves, horses, fallow deer and much more!

We have a designated hands-on animal nursery where the children can handle our furry friends such as baby rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chicks, ducklings, ferrets, and chipmunks!

A special treat – just before the trip ends, the children will be able to experience bottle feeding our baby goats and lambs.

A packed day out

  • Huge Indoor Soft Play area with slides and ball pits

  • Supervised animal-based Activities 

  • Busy Bee Barrel Ride

  • Lots of outdoor activities – adventure fort, zipline, pedal tractors, animal paddocks

  • Plenty of space and fresh air

  • A structured, planned out day – our staff will lead your groups or classes around the farm so that you get to visit each activity in a controlled setting


All the facilities

  • Numerous hand wash points and child friendly toilets.

  • Somewhere to leave bags and lunch boxes and plenty of places to eat your picnic.

  • Tea/Coffee making facilities available for teachers/classroom assistants

  • Large safe free parking area for cars and coaches.

all the facilities fort evergreen.jpg
Recycled Paper

£8 per child 

*minimum of 20 children per booking 
*teachers/assistants/carers not charged

Food Options Available

£4.50 per child 

(choice of chicken nuggets/chips or sausage/chips with jugs of juice)

*available to schools/groups with a minimum of 50 children per booking 

Ice Cream Tubs - £1.00 per child

School and Group bookings available Monday to Friday 10.00-13.00 April to June.

How To Book

We limit the number of school and group children on each day so that the farm does not become overcrowded. To avoid disappointment, we urge you to book well in advance by emailing or completing the form below.

Image by Ben Wicks

We had an absolute blast today with our class school trip. All the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Richmount Primary School.

Wendy Chambers – 28.06.22